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On-Site Certified DOT inspection – just $99.

A DOT inspection can be scheduled through KC Truck Repair, by phone (816-645-5168) or through this website. Please give us the address and times that the trucks will be available, along with a phone number and a company contact. Once we are on site the DOT inspectionDOT Inspection - KC Truck Repair takes around an hour for each truck. Call today to schedule!

The Department of Transportation DOT inspection requires that all commercial motor vehicles (CMV) with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,001 pounds undergo an inspection every year. A DOT inspection is conducted in order to make sure that all parts and accessories of the CMV are in good working order.  There are six levels of this safety analysis, which simply refers to the methods that will be employed during the assessment of a vehicle and the driver. They include:

1) Level I: North American Standard Inspection

The first part of the DOT inspection check looks at important documents such as at the vehicle operator’s driver license, medical certificate and waiver and hours of service. The professional conducting the evaluation will also inspect the seat belt, exhaust system, turn signals, tail lamps, head lamps, steering wheel, wheels and rims and fuel system.

2) Level II: Walk-Around Driver/Vehicle Inspection

Level II inspections involve examining everything in the level I DOT inspection with exception of the parts that involve the inspector getting under the CMV.

3) Level III: Driver-Only Inspection

During this check, the inspector will take an in-depth look at the vehicle operator’s driver’s license, medical certification and daily log.

4) Level IV: Special Inspection

These are one-time examinations in a DOT inspection that take a close look at a specific item. They are typically scheduled to invalidate a previous claim about a vehicle.

5) Level V: Vehicle-Only Inspection

Level V inspections look at everything specified under Level I. The only difference is that they are executed without the driver present.

6) Level VI: Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments

This DOT inspection is used for certain radiological shipments. Select radiological shipments only comprise highway route controlled quantities set forth by DOT’s title 49 section 173.403.




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